The Brothers Keeper Tour

Rich Mullins Brings the Brothers Keeper Tour to Nashville

by CA Staff

Christian Activities November 1995

Rich Mullins is a self-described 'good midwestern boy' who can trace his family's history back to the heart of Europe, scattered across France, Germany and Ireland in the dreams of immigrants who found a new home in the promise of America. "The significant thing to me about legacy," he says, "is that there is certainly either some terrible desperation or some terrific courage on the part of those before me...people who made choices in the course of their lives which, had they made any other choice of where they lived or who they married, I would not have even happened. I am the result of their courage - their desperation."

In a decade of work as a solo artist within Christian music, Mullins has created a legacy that will live on in the form of eight albums that have earned numerous accolades, including several number one radio hits and ten Dove Award nominations. In addition, his songwriting talents have pro-duced what was voted one of the top three most popular songs of the decade: "Awesome God." Mullins has also written Amy Grant's hits "Sing Your Praise to the Lord", "Doubly Good" and "Love of Another Kind."

These days Mullins is more content to reflect on his new teaching career than on the honors his musical career has bestowed. This May Rich took his B.A. in Music Education from Friends University and the next day moved to the Navajo reservation in New Mexico where he plans to teach.

Rich Mullins is currently on the "Brother's Keeper" tour with Reunion label-mates Ashley Cleveland and Carolyn Arends to support his newest project, Brother's Keeper. Mullins and Co. will be performing at the Ryman Auditorium on November 12 at 7:30pm. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster outlets. Call (615) 737-4849 for ticket information.