Release Extra Introduction


by Phil Keaggy

From Release Extra 1994

It's a rare and precious thing when an artist stops, looks and listens to another's work of music. I for one, took delight in lsitening when a friend gave me Rich Mullins' newest release, A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band. What I came to discover for myself was something of a divine meal. Jesus said "Take and eat." ... this in response to His body -- our life and our substance, of course. And I found within these tracks of music a communion, a communication and a common thread of divine love. Ours is an existence of earthly-ness, of human need -- a need for oneness with divinity... our home.... our place. When a voice as human as Rich's expresses this liturgy and legacy to all of us ragamuffins, it seems honest and real -- like something you can touch. Because of my own Christian roots, this album touches me with its proclamation of the "creed," the very foundation of our faith. The music and style is also something that reaches deep down inside of me, and reminds me of my own heritage, tradition and ancestry -- the here and now and the great promise of life ever after -- world without end. This is our ultimate heritage and through Rich Mullins and his music, such is communicated. He is, and his music is a great work of art, giving us at the same time lasting truths and treasures.

Phil Keaggy
Honorary Ragamuffin