Pretty Feet Publications Vol 1 No 3

Pretty Feet Publications Vol 1 No 3

Zion Ministries

Milk - By Berry Long
Meat - By Rich Mullins
More: Snews by Jenny Filson
The Chef by Gary Rowe

The Chef

By Gary Rowe

Once upon a time there was a bachelor who lived all alone and had no one to cook for him. This was serious, for he loved to eat. "I have a friend who cooks," he said. "I shall invite him over and have him show me how to cook."

This the young man did, and before long, he learned the basics of cooking. But, having little faith in his abilities, he would always eat out instead of eating his own cooking. But, still, the young man kept cooking and soon he could prepare large meals.

Time passed. He decided to go to cooking school. He did go and soon he was the best cook in the school. Everyone commented on how good he was at cooking, but the young man never shared his food with them even tho they were hungry. He was so good that his teachers sent him to Europe to study under the great chefs in Europe and soon he knew more about cooking than anyone.

Soon he was the greatest chef. He wrote books all about cooking and culinary arts -- but still -- he had never tasted any of his own food or shared with his friends. He was offered a job as master chef in the world's greatest cooking school which he accepted and held for the rest of his life. After many years of teaching young chefs how to prepare food, the great chef died, never having eaten any of his own cooking and never having fixed a meal for a hungry friend.


By Berry Long

Recently, my family and I went to a YMCA camp for an annual "family camp" weekend. Mom and Dad gave each grandchild a small flashlight this year. As my son, Joe, and I walked across the campus by the light of his new flashlight, I began to think of this article and Psalm 119:105: "The word is a lamp unto my feed, and a light for my path." Joey's new flashlight enabled us to tranverse the campus and come directly to our cabin without stumbling, getting lost or otherwise frustrated, as is the usual case for those who walk in the dark. I thanked God for Joe's flashlight that night, but thanks soon gave way to praise as I thought about the long walk in the darkness I had taken prior to knowing the Lord.

Like the man born blind (John 9:25), I was elated by the simple fact that I could see. Paul said that a natrual man cannot understand the things of the spirit. Why? Because they spiritually discerned (I Cor. 2:14). Jesus spoke of spiritual birth that would allow me to see (comprehend) the Kingdom. Certainly ignorance of spirtual reality is darkness in its deepenst sense; so in coming to an understanding of how God's Word can be a light to my path, I must begin with regeneration. I realize the issue of illumination has been blamed for wild or subjective interpretation, but to me, a blind man with a flashlight is no better off than an unregenerate man who tries to live by the Ten Commandments. God's spirit continues to take the things of Christ and make them real to me (John 16:14), and thus He has played a key part not only in my new found sight, but also in my daily walk. The forumulation of doctrine is not His emphasis, but instead the individual application of Bible truths to my life. I believe incarnation (the fleshing out of) God's word is only accomplished by His Holy Spirit.

Richard Foster said in his book Celebration of Discipline, "We must realize that the ingrained habits of thought that are formed will conform to the order of the thing being studied." Dr. Francis Schaeffer bases much of his teaching up the Proverb, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." The two ideas together form for me the second major criteria for walking in the light of God's word. That is of course to study it. When the Bible is the object of my study, my thinking is ordered by the thing studied. When my thinking is established, it becomes manifest in who I am. God's spirit reveals Christ to me as I spend time in study and meditation on His word.

The word of God is meant for living and the Psalmist makes this plain as he speaks in images of feet and paths; this implies action and brings me back to my son Joe and his new flashlight. On that dark night at camp, Joe's flashlight did not totally illuminate the landscape; it was not designed to. It did, however, keep our immediate path visible. What prevents me from taking action upon God's revealed word? Why do I sometimes walk back into the darkness of disobedience? Is it not just like the limitation of Joe's flashlight? I see the path, but I cannot see the destination. I read the promise, but I do not understand the process. I must continually remind myself that a walk is step by step and trusting God at His word is moment by moment.

Paul talks about the wonderful relationship between the hearing of the Word and the capacity to believe it (Romans 10:17), but to stop there would reduce the process to inspirational thinking at best and at worst to smug self-indulgence. Jesus exhorts doing the truth (take action) (Matt 7:24-27) and James speaks of action (works) completing the cycle of faith. (James 2:26) Lately psychologists have found that the influence of my actions upon what I believe have tremendous reinforcing effect, to the extent that my weakest convictions are built into strong beliefs as I act them out.

I would likle to return to the parable of my son's flashlight: as we walked across the campus, I noticed landmarks of progress: the drinking fountain, the steps of the old lodge -- we knew were moving in the right direction. Likewise, my steps in the Light are reinforced by successful results -- marks of progress. I begin to understand Jesus' challenge to the Pharasees, "If any man is willing to do His will, he shall know of the teaching, whether it is of God, or whether I speak from myself." (John 7:17) How do I test the teaching? By doing it. And for me this technique has proven valid. God's truth has been confirmed along the way as He changes me. In turn, I am encouraged to continue along His narrow path, knowing He set me on it and in the midst of this dark world, He lights the way.


By Rich Mullins

According to Psalm 119:105, the Word does two things: it shows me my self & where I stand, and it shows me the world around me & the way I'm going. So there are two considerations for me to meditate on -- for me to turn over & ponder -- my own personal place in God's grace & Christ's kingdom, and that Kingdom and grace apart from myself.

In consideration #1: I look inward and perhaps backward to see what my personal relationship with Jesus is now. In this exercise I center on my motives, my faithfulness to my calling, my level of commitment, what I feel, what I do -- all in relation to His will for me.

In consideration #2: I look outward and forward to see His will and natrue more clearly. I look at specific issues and seek to know His thoughts about them. Here I look at the world outside myself -- perhaps a world beyond my limited experience.

The trouble is, I too often do one and forget the other. I have a tendancy to see the Word as a geography or mathmatics textbook and approach it either with academic drudgery or intellectual ambition and get programmed with lots of data and become an authority on the subject of living and totally forgetful of the relationnship that God wants to enhance -- or I do the opposite. I read it as if it were merely a personal note from someone I live and treat it like those bits of history and doctrine that aren't easily applicable to me in my immediate situation are incidental to its real purpose. That gets me the worst of both worlds -- it either reduces me to the status wherein I'm just another number in the supreme System's computer, or it shrinks the Divine Revelation down so as to be subjected to my scrutiny. Neither approach then is enough by itself. But together, they give me a complete picture. It shows me both myself, the world around me, and Him, and how it all fits together.

So not only is it important to read the Bible, but to read it rightly. Here are some scriptures that show both good and bad reasons for reading it. Check the ones that are yours. Read. God has lots to say to you.

1. It's a lamp to my feet and a light to my path .... Psalm 119:105
2. Who does what it says and teaches what it says will be called great in the Kingdom .... Matthew 5:19
3. For use in vain babbling and futile debates .... 2 Timothy 2:16
4. For its power to transform my life .... Romans 12:2
5. Because the Lord's counsel stands forever .... Psalm 33:11
6. Because it makes you fruitful .... Psalm 1:3
7. Because the hearer and doer of the Word will be blessed .... James 1:25
8. So that I can strain gnats .... Matthew 23:23-24
9. It is God breathed, profitable for doctrine, for reproof ... for furnishing me "unto all good works" .... 2 Timothy 3:16-17
10. If I keep His words, I show Him that I love Him .... John 14:23
11. Because it's fun to get puffed up .... I Corinthians 8:1
12. Because it is power of God unto salvation .... Romans 1:16
13. He's given me the spirit of wisdom & revelation in the knowledge of Him .... Ephesians 1:17
14. So to broaden my philacteries .... Matthew 23:5
15. To be able to approve things that are excellent .... Philippians 1:10
16. Because the Word can dwell richly .... Colossians 3:16
17. To be able to exhort & to convince gainsayers .... Titus 1:9
18. So I can live .... Deuteronomy 5:33
19. ______________________________ .... Fill in the blanks
20. ______________________________ .... Fill in the blanks


By Jenny Filson

Not to alarm you, readers, but there is snew on this page. What's snew? Well, your long awaited Zion album is finally on its way, and should be in your hot little hands by Christmas. Hallelujah! This issue of PFP is late due to finances, but then the Lord has been good (as ever) and blessed us with a new Arp string synthesizer. Musically, we're growing, both individually and as a group, by leaps and bounds.

Tis the season for retreats, and the autumn is getting gone. Our bookins thrive; we are well into April and May of '82. The Lord is ever doing more and more miracles in our lives.

There are new faces in the ministry, and we are excited! Sam Howard is a grad student at Cincinnati Christian Seminary, and well equipped to write lessones and retreats, have an objective opinion, and fall right into a spot in the ministry. We are equally excited about Reign -- comprised of Louise Van Calster, Jim Gillum and Greg Nettle. They will be a second musical group operating in the ministry, in addition tot he group Zion. Their music, talent and willingness to serve are welcomed and encouraged.

As always, your prayers and support are encouraged and appreciated. It is because of you that we continue.

Still asking what's snew? Well, what's snew with you?