So In Conclusion...

So In Conclusion...

by Beaker

From Release Extra 1994

So In Conclusion... isn't it funny how those words conjure up mixed emotions - an ambivalence determined either by the relative pain or enjoyment of that which is being concluded?

I know that you know what I mean. You've probably sat through a sermon or two, prayed your way through 'em, even, pleading with God to bring to an end quickly.

Or, you've probably endured a lecture, maybe one of those uneducating education lectures, spending most of the time in anticipation of the wearisome professor monotonely pronouncing those awaited words -- "In Conclusion."

But then, there are those instaces when the end came sooner than you had hoped. Time seemed to have disappeared. Maybe it was a novel, or a play, or a movie, or conversation with friends that ended before you were ready. You hoped that it would go on but it didn't.

So whatever your emotions, whether you have loved this book or hated it - the reality is that we have to its conclusion - the end is near.

And my writing, these words that you read now, they either add to your enjoyment or prolong your pain.

And I think, whichever way, we like conclusions. It's hard to think of or imagine the "never-ending." I remember the story of this artist who believed that he never finished a painting. One day, he was arrested by museum officials who were not familiar with him - they only knew what he had been doing. He had been painting on a picture which was hung in their museum. The artist finally convinced them that he was the original painter of that picture & that he only wanted to work on it some more.

So, my conclusion is this: Rich Mullins as an artist, and a friend, has moved us, has challenged us, has shocked us, has entertained us and has inspired us. And though someday his music, his thoughts, his words and even his days on earth shall pass, eternity beckons him -- and us - to come home. And I smile, knowing my life has been blessed by a rich, rich friend.