And the Lord

And the Lord

(Rich Mullins)

And the Lord said the word and the universe came into being.
And He made man on earth, and He set man's heart to singing.
And the song that I have here is part of the gift that He's given.
And, it burns like hot coals in the depth of my soul...
And it's just rock and roll with a classical twist to the rhythm!
And the Lord made the planets revolve 'round the sun burning brightly.
And when night comes the moon and the stars come and sparkle politely.
And they all lend us light so we can see the way that we're going.
And they pierce through darkness down deep in our hearts
Like a raining of sparks, like a showering of hail, like a snowing!

And all He desires of you is the love that He created for you to give.
And it's there in your soul!
And by giving it, you can be made whole!
And the Lord took a chisel and spade in His almighty hand
And He dug out the oceans and sculpted the hills on the lands.
And He colored the sky an incredible color of blue.
Then He taught birds to fly, and then man after while followed into the heights
And he praised the Lord as he flew!

And the Word became flesh, and He dwelt for awhile among men.
And the blood, it ran red, as it promised the washing from sin.
And the Spirit has dwelt among us since the Pentecost
And the Church is built up as she learns how to love....
And the Lord is Her Rock!