Elegy for the Roses

Elegy for the Roses

(Rich Mullins)

This is a song that I wrote for the roses we cut down
To give to the ladies who would sell them to the rich men in town.
This is a song that I wrote for the roses... an elegy for the flowers
For the children who were murdered at the hands of great men thirsting for power.
And who will save the roses when the earth has caught on fire?
And who will save the children when the bombs drop from a madman's sky?
And who will save the angels when their wings are scorched and they can't fly?

And, I dreamed I saw the men marching off to war...everyone's dead...
No one's left to keep the score.
When you're all gone, it won't matter any more.

And I heard Rachel weeping for her children down by the waters of Babylon
Saying, "Where is my son? Where has he gone?"
Well, they made him a soldier and stuck him in a field
to wait for another mother's son so he can kill.
And, they made him a hero in a political cause.
And, they set him up as a pawn.
And then they made themselves up to be gods. And the Lady in the harbor holds a torch to the sky.
Are you deaf that you cannot hear your children cry?
Saying, "Don't close your eyes....Watch us die!
Watch us die!"