I Dig Music

I Dig Music

(Rich Mullins, 1977)

I dig music. I think it's really neat.
I dig music.. the kind that moves your feet!
I dig music.. do it all day long.
If it wasn't for my music, this boy would soon be gone.

I dig music.. the kind right off the street.
I dig music.. the melodies you meet!
I dig music.. Beethoven and Bach.
I don't care what you play me. Just don't you go and let the music stop.

When I lay me down to sleep I get down on my knees
I thank God for my salvation.. that He loves me!
Then I ask for wisdom and some rhythm for a song
So I can teach this waiting world the way to sing along.

I dig music. 'Cause you know where I've been.
Sometimes music.. it takes me back again.
I dig music. I need Jesus more.
Jesus takes me places that this poor boy has never been before.
Jesus takes me places that this poor soul has never been before.