I Don't Know

I Don't Know

(Rich Mullins - early 1970s)

Here is "I Don't Know".
Once again, Lord, it's me.
But, I guess you already know
that I'm hanging onto dreams
that died a long time ago.

But, it's so hard to give up
things you loved and people you knew.
But, once you've lost their trust
tell me, what else can you do?
I don't know. I just don't really know.

I guess I've done a lot of people dirt.
And, I'm reaping the seeds I've sewn.
But, that don't mean it still don't hurt
when you find yourself all alone.

So, at last I've come to You.
'Cause, you're the only one
who can help me to undo
all the damage that I've done.
I don't know. I just don't.

But, I hear all this preaching and praying about this stuff...
heathens, and Christians and Jesus and His love.
Sometimes, I just have to wonder where is love
When I can see people who are hungry.
And, I've got no solutions.
I must be part of the problem.
I dig up a question. I'm to pray that someone can solve them.
Everybody put down their books and took off for the ball game.
I don't know why I'm so lonely.
But, I am.. in the worst sort of way.
I'm kinda down and out and desperately hopeful
that I can find something to say
to buy some of your time... today.

This is me at my worst stumbling to make a stand.
From the moment of my birth, I've been trying to be a man.
All that I could ever be is a boy with a pretty song.
But, now I wonder if it's me or the music that's gone wrong...
(I don't know...... I just don't really know.)