Last Days

Last Days

(Rich Mullins, 1982)

When you see the light of morning on the hills east of the night.
Though you see the clouds in gathering sure that they can't hide!
And, though your heart races within you like an icey blast of wind!
He's given you His armor; He will fill you with His strength!
We are living in the last days.

And, though the demons keep fighting
The battle was decided long before the war began!
We are living in the last days.

Though the storm rages about you; and, though your hunger burns within.
Though the devil comes a-calling, keep his mark off of your hand!
You've got the helmet of salvation... and the shield of timeless faith;
The Word of God your sword, and righteousness for a breastplate!

Belt of truth to make you complete. For your shoes, put on the Gospel of Peace!
Go tell the world that Jesus reigns! That He is coming back again!

We are living in the last days.
When the Lord comes to claim those who call upon His name,
Then the battle has been won!
We are living in the Lord's reign!