Maggie's Song

Maggie's Song

(Rich Mullins)

There you are, Your Majesty. With men of power and naval fleets.
Power to spare; use sparingly. You ought to use it to love somebody.

At his desk with his telephone, he files the piles of things that he owns.
The businessman...he drinks all alone.
'Cause he's too busy to love anybody.

And, you may be a Disney-dream...sugar and spice and everything.
A Joan of Arc...or the Dairy Queen.
But, you ain't nothin'...until you love somebody.

You may glide on silver the prize-baby, you take the cake!
But, when you die, there's no mistakin'
You won't matter unless you love somebody.

chorus: And, it ain't what you's what you give!
You can't take it with you; so, spend it wisely.
Love isn't something you talk; it's something that you live!
So, let your light be shining brightly so men might see
your good works and glorify the Father in Heaven!
Glorify the Father in Heaven!

People hear me when I say I lost myself to love today.
I saw the light and then I gave myself to somebody.
Just a smile or a friendly touch to help relieve this lonliness.
Smile back to me, 'cause I need the love
That comes from you and gets to somebody!