There's A Land

There's A Land

(Rich Mullins)

There's a land flowing wild with milk and honey,
Flowing out of trees and flowers, rocks and the ground.
And, I wonder if you ever in your cities have seen the things I have found.

There's a land running wild with naked little children.
And, they're playing and they're bathing in the sun.
And, I hope that there's a reason for tomorrow.
But, if not, Lord, Your kingdom come!
There's a land!
There's a land shining bright with understanding,
People learning how to live and get along.
And, the Lord in all His glory, He frees His people
And, on their hearts laid His song.

And, I want to sing it to you. I want to play my song.
I won't take too much of your time. 'Cause I didn't work on it very long.
I didn't spend very much time with the manuscript.
'Cause, I went out to try and find the house where peace lived.

And, I knew it wasn't in the city with all them drunkards in bars
I knew it wasn't by the highway with all us maniacs in cars.
And, so I went to a meadow, and there I was told
Peace was sleeping by the tree of life, dying, growing old.

And, so I started my journey out to find the tree.
When I got there it was chopped down, with just a stump left for me.
And, so I started to go home empty handed like before.
And, I'd come so far to find this, I thought that I could take no more.
When on a mountain of hatred, I saw what they had made out of that tree.
It cruel and wicked. They'd built them a cross, and on it hung a King.

But, the King came down and came to me. And, He invited me to His place.
He said that peace was in His nail scars and there's wisdom in His face.
And, so I'm living forever by a river of prayer.
And, if I wake up tomorrow I hope to find you there.