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Eric Townsend.

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Danl Blackwood, Calendar Magazine, CCM Magazine, JB, Jon Hagee, Mark Hollandsworth, Release Magazine and Brian William.

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Christina from the message board, Danl Blackwood, Wendy Blose, Terry Fisher, Rick Frank, Jan Harris, Annie Raper, Chip Webb & Brian William.

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Eric Townsend, with thanks to JB for the '86 studio photo, Jeff Brady for the Cincinnati Bible College scan & Sandy McMullen. A few have been collected from unknown sources.

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Jonathan A. Meyers, Kathy Morgan, Ben Pearson, Mark Tucker, & Michael Wilson.

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Danl Blackwood, Wendy Blose, Jason English, Sandy McMullen, Janelle VanHootegem & Brian William.

Scans of the following albums courtesy of Danl Blackwood: "25 Songs of Christmas", "Brothers Keeper (Wichita Farewell Version)", "20 the Countdown Magazine", Hokus Pick's "Brothers from Different Mother", "Caedmon's Call", Caedmon's Call's "Intimate Portrait", Caedmon's Call's "Guild Collection 2", Caedmon's Call's "Austin Sessions", "Artist Link Extra" and "Geoff Moore".

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