Heaven In His Eyes

Heaven in His Eyes

(Richard Mullins)
from the album Behold The Man

See the Teacher sitting on a mountain
And see Him walking along the shore
His friends and disciples are gathering around Him
Never spake a man like this before

But why is a man as wise as He
Weeping alone in Gethsemane
Could it be because He's afraid we'd never see
The heaven in His eyes

See the Master walking on the water
And hear Him speak and calm an angry wave
Look at Him raising of Jairus's daughter
And with a word Lazarus comes forth from the grave

And why is a man is strong as this
Being betrayed by a good friend's kiss
Could it be because this man missed
The heaven in His eyes

And I'm not talking about your pie in the sky
That you good boys and girls get in the by and by
But rather the strength that we could find
If you've got the guts to try

See the Teacher playing with the children
And see Him baffle the doctors of the law
Look at the people gathering to go with Him
Those who see the vision that He saw

And this is why a man as holy as He
Had to die alone on Calvary
Cause it was the only way we could ever see
The heaven in His eyes

And heaven's in His eyes
And heaven's in His eyes
And heaven's in His eyes

Copyright 1981 Meadowgreen Music, Inc.