Behold the Man

Behold the Man

Behold the Man


1981 (Independent)
Produced by Rich Mullins & Zion

Behold the Man

1. Praise To The Lord (Rich Mullins)
2. For Unto Us (Rich Mullins)
3. The Way To Love You (Rich Mullins)
4. Lord Help Me Be (Rich Mullins)
5. Nothing In This World (Rich Mullins)
6. You Can Live Without Him (Rich Mullins)
7. Hope To Carry On (Rich Mullins)
8. Heaven In His Eyes (Rich Mullins)

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Recording Information

Engineered by Greg McNeilly.
Recorded in April of 1981 at 5th Floor Studios in Cincinnati.


Rich Mullins - vocals, guitars, hammered dulcimer, piano
Jenny Filson - synthesizers, backing vocals
Tom Weimer - guitars, backing vocals
Beth Snell - backing vocals
Dave Workman - drums
Tony Ross - bass guitar

When Pilate told the crowd at Jesus' trial to 'Behold the Man,' what did he want them to see? A man who had been victimized by his own illusions of grandure? A manipulative rebel who had been served justice? Did Pilate want the people to see the man at all -- or did he want them to see only the political and religious issues that surrounded him?

We cannot speak for Pilate, but of the characters whose lives have shaped the history and ideas of mankind, we think Jesus is one to behold. Here are some of the things we see when we look at Jesus.

We believe Jesus is the only begotten Son of God and the only way to the Father. We believe that every person must come to Him in faith and that to trust Him to be who He said He was and to be obedient to Him in every part of our lives. The Bible is the only rule for the kind of saving faith and the clear revelation of His will for our lives. So, we invite you to accept Him and read His word, so that you may come to know life as only He can give it.

May the Lord bless you from Zion.

Thank you Pam, Gary, Sam, Reign and all at ZM's.