Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper

1995 Reunion Records
Produced by Rich Mullins, Jimmy Abegg, Rick Elias, Phil Madeira, Lee Lundgren and Aaron Smith.
Executive Producer: Rich Mullins.

Brother's Keeper

1. Brothers Keeper (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
2. Let Mercy Lead (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
3. Hatching of the Heart (Rich Mullins)
4. Promenade (Rich Mullins)
5. Wounds of Love (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
6. Damascus Road (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
7. Eli's Song (Rich Mullins/Lee & Nicole Lundgren)
8. Cry The Name (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
9. The Breaks (Rich Mullins)
10. Quoting Deuteronomy to the Devil (Rich Mullins and Beaker)

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Recording Information

Engineered and Mixed by JB.
Assisted by Todd Robins and Wade Jaynes.
Recorded at The Battery and The Quad, Nashville, Tennessee.
Mixed at the Saltmine.
Photography: Ben Pearson



Rich Mullins: vocals, hammered dulcimer, piano, synthesizer, door
Jimmy Abegg: guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, hambone.
Rick Elias: guitars
Beaker: guitars, whistle
Lee Lundgren: shaker, kalimba, B-3, accordion, harmonica, pipes, Lenophone.
Phil Madeira: guitars, B-3, drums, accordion, tambourine, keyboard harmonica, hambone, slide guitar
Aaron Smith: drums, percussion, thunder, rain stick, shaker, hambone
Backing vocals by Nicki Lundgren, Julie, Linda Elias, Phil Madeira, Aaron Smith