Never Picture Perfect

Never Picture Perfect

Never Picture Perfect

1989 Reunion Records
Produced by Reed Arvin
Executive Producers: Michael Blanton, Terry Hemmings

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Recording Information

Engineered by Bill Deaton
Additional Engineer: Brent King
Mixed at Digital Recorders, Nashville, Tennessee
Recorded at OmniSound Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee; Big Dog Studio, Wichita, Kansas; The Pond, Franklin, Tennessee
Mastered by Hank Williams at Master Mix, Nashville, Tennessee
String Arrangements by Reed Arvin


Art Direction and Design by Jackson Design
Photography by Mark Tucker


Rich Mullins: vocals, piano, hammered dulcimer
Reed Arvin: keyboards
Jerry McPherson: guitars, mandolin
Jimmie Lee Sloas: bass guitar
Danny O'Lannerghty: bass guitar
Paul Leim: drums
Mark O'Connor: fiddle, mandolin
Bill Sinclair: harmonica
Ed Calle: saxophone
Tom Hemby: guitars
Ashley Cleveland: vocals
Pam Tillis: vocals
Background vocals by Marty McCall, Bonnie Keen, Marabeth Jordon, Margaret Becker, Chris Rodriguez, Guy Penrod, Richard Gibson, Jon Sherberg, Donny Monk, Gary Smith