The New Creations

The New Creations

The New Creations

The New Creations

1971-1972 Crusade Enterprises

New Creations

1. "Love Is Surrender" (Ralph Carmichael)
2. "Amazing Grace" (John Newton)
4. "I Want to Sing" (Lois Drury)
5. "They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love" (Peter Scholtes)
6. "I know Where I'm Going" (Mickey Holiday)
7. "The New Creations"(Norma Duffins)

1. "Let the Whole World Know" (John Peterson)
2. "It's Yours For The Asking" (Mickey Holiday)
3. "I Just Keep Trusting My Lord" (John Peterson)
4. "Pass It On" (Ralph Carmichael)
5. "Cleanse Me" (J. Edwin Orr)
6. "The Savior Is Waiting" (Ralph Carmichael)

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Recording Information

Recorded "on location" by Crusade "Sonic Sound" Studios by W.D. Zehr.


Directed by Timothy Cummings