Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins

1986 Reunion Records
Produced by Reed Arvin
Executive Producers: Michael Blanton, Dan Harrell, Brown Bannister

Rich Mullins

Side one
1. A Few Good Men (Rich Mullins)
2. A Place to Stand (Rich Mullins)
3. Live Right (Rich Mullins/Wayne Kirkpatrick/Reed Arvin)
4. New Heart (Rich Mullins/Reed Arvin)
5. Elijah (Rich Mullins)

Side two
1. Nothing but a Miracle (Rich Mullins)
2. Both Feet on the Ground (Rich Mullins/Niles Borop)
3. These Days (Rich Mullins/Pam Mark Hall)
4. Prisoner (Rich Mullins)
5. Save Me (Rich Mullins)

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Recording Information

Engineered by J.B.
Assistant Engineers: Spencer Chrislu, Billy Washington, Keith Penny
Mastered by Doug Sax at the Masterting Lab, Hollywood, California
Recorded at Omni Sound, Nashville, Tennessee; Hummingbird Studios, Nashville, Tennessee; Riverstone Studios, Franklin, Tennessee


Photography By Mark Tucker
Art Direction and Design by Kent Hunter, Thomas Ryan Design


Rich Mullins: vocals
Phil Naish: keyboards
Gary Lunn: bass guitar
Keith Edwards: drums
Dave Adams: drums
Greg Jennings: guitar
Reed Arvin: keyboards
Amy Grant : vocals
Background vocals provided by Chris Harris, Mark Heimermann, Chris Rodriguez and Billy Crockett