1996 Reunion Records
Produced by Reed Arvin
Executive Producer Don Donahue


1. Praise to the Lord (new recording)
2. Awesome God
3. Sometimes By Step
4. Creed
5. We Are Not as Strong as We Think We Are (new recording)
6. If I Stand
7. Screen Door (extended single version, 1987)
8. Let Mercy Lead
9. Elijah (new recording)
10. Calling Out Your Name
11. My One Thing
12. Boy Like Me/Man Like You
13. Alrightokuhuhamen
14. While the Nations Rage
15. Verge of a Miracle
16. Hold Me Jesus

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Recording Information (New Tracks)

Recorded at OmniSound Studios
Engineered by Doug Sarrett and Reed Arvin
Mixed By Tom Laune
Mastered By Hank Williams


Booking by the William Morris Agency, Inc.
Photography By Ben Pearson
Art Direction and Design by Diana Lussenden
Production Assistant: James Waddell

Musicians (New Tracks):

Rich Mullins: Vocals
Reed Arvin: Piano
Keyboards: Blaire Masters
Jerry McPherson: Guitars
Kenny Greenberg: Guitar
David Cleveland: Guitar
Mark Hill: Bass
Chris McHugh: Drums
Backing Vocals: Lisa Cochran, Michael Mellett
String Contractor: Carl Gorodetsky