The Jesus Record

The Jesus Record

The Jesus Record

1998 Myrrh Records
Produced by Rick Elias.
Executive Producers: Jim Chaffee and Judith Volz.

The Jesus Record

Disc One: The Jesus Demos
1. Hard To Get (Rich Mullins)
2. All The Way To Kingdom Come (Rich Mullins)
3. My Deliverer (Rich Mullins and Mitch McVicker)
4. Surely God Is With Us (Mark Robertson and Beaker)
5. Jesus (Rich Mullins/Mitch McVicker/Dana Waddel)
6. You Did Not Have A Home (Rich Mullins)
7. Heaven In His Eyes (Rich Mullins)
8. Nothing Is Beyond You (Rich Mullins/Mitch McVicker/Tom Booth)
9. That Where I Am, There You... (Rich Mullins)

Disc Two: The Jesus Record
1. My Deliverer (vocals by Rick Elias)
2. Surely God Is With Us (vocals by Mark Robertson)
3. Nothing Is Beyond You (vocals by Amy Grant)
4. You Did Not Have A Home (vocals by Rick Elias/Mark Robertson/Jimmy Abegg)
5. Jesus (vocals by Ashley Cleveland)
6. All The Way To Kingdom Come (vocals by Phil Keaggy/Rick Elias/Mark Robertson/Jimmy Abegg)
7. Man of No Reputation (vocals by Rick Elias/Mark Robertson/Jimmy Abegg)
8. Heaven In His Eyes (vocals by Michael W. Smith)
9. Hard To Get (vocals by Rick Elias/Mark Robertson/Jimmy Abegg)
10. That Where I Am, There You... (vocals by Rich Mullins/Michael W. Smith)
11. Nothing but the Blood of Jesus (Robert Lowry)

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Recording Information

Engineered by Russ Long.
Orchestra and String Quartet Engineered by Peter Cobbin.
Additional Engineering by Jordan Richter.
Assistant Engineer: Chris Grainger, Tim Rauter.
Recorded at The White House (Nashville, Tennessee), Ragamuffin Recorders (Brentwood, Tennessee), The Carport (Nashville, Tennessee), Soundstage (Nashville, Tennessee), Darkhorse Studio (Franklin, Tennessee). Orchestra and String Quartet recorded at Abbey Road Studios (London, England).
Mixed by JR McNeely at the Sound Kitchen in Franklin, Tennessee.
Mastered by Hank Williams at Mastermix.
Photography: Ben Pearson


The Ragamuffins would like to thank the family of Rich Mullins, Jim Dunning, Jr., Jim Chaffee & Judith Volz for their vision and support for the Jesus Record. We wish to express our gratitude to all those involved in the making of this record - your labor of love has made this project come to pass.

We would also like to thank the following people: Craig Hayes, Steve Brallier, Alyssa Lakouta, Compassion International, Jamie Kiner, Myrrh Records, Keith Bordeaux, The Kid Brothers of St. Frank, Ben Pearson, Brennan Manning, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Ashley Cleveland, Phil Keaggy, Gay Quisenberry, Reed Arvin, Eric Townsend, Jason Townsend, and our families.

Finally, to all the friends and supporters of Rich Mullins and the Ragamuffin Band - this record is for you.


Rich Mullins: lead vocals, guitar and piano on The Jesus Demos
The Ragamuffins: lead vocals, harmonica, drums, bass guitar, guitars for The Jesus Record
Amy Grant: lead vocals on "Nothing Is Beyond You" for The Jesus Record
Ashley Cleveland: lead vocals on "Jesus" for The Jesus Record
Phil Keaggy: lead vocals on "All The Way To Kingdom Come" for The Jesus Record
Michael W. Smith: lead vocals on "Heaven In His Eyes" and "That Where I Am, There You..." for The Jesus Record
Rick Elias: lead vocals on "My Deliverer" for The Jesus Record

Tom Howard: piano, Wurlitzer, orchestrations
Phil Madeira: B-3, lap steel, dobro, accordion
Eric Darken: percussion
Sam Levine: pennywhistle, flute, recorder
Jerry McPherson: additional guitars
Kenny Greenberg: additional guitars
Tim Lauer: Mellotron, accordion, harmonium
Mitch McVicker: guitars
Linda Elias: percussion
Children's Choir: Emily Webb, Ashley Melling, Brittany Hargest, Megan Dockery, Chris White, Matthew White, Brandon Hargest, and Sterling Gibson.
Adult Choir: Roz Thompson, Steve Flanigan, Nicole Coleman-Mullen, George Pendergrass, Percy Travis III, Melinda Doolittle, Scat Springs, and Ann Bailey.
"That Where I Am, There You..." Choir: Mark Lutz, Elizabeth Lutz, Connie Hawk, David McCracken, Nicole Hemphill, Hardy Hemphill, Michelle Younkman, Stuart Young, Mary Quick, Michael Oliver, Kurt Lightner, Laura Davis, Lea Fulton, Eric May, Kevin Tucker, Dawn Gates, Laura Neutzling, Marie Lehman, Chuck Hargett, Janice Chaffee, Jim Chaffee, Chuck Nelson, Mari O'Neill, Jamie Kiner, Ann Bailey, Roz Thompson, Jemina Abegg, Alexia M. Abegg, Pierette Abegg, Augdrey Eva Smith, Kathryn Garcia Smith, Aaron Smith, Sydney Maria Smith, Gloria Green, Michelle Abegg, Rebecca Brown, Chris Smith, Janice Smith, Archie Griffin, Rose Corazza, Kristin Pierson, and Keith Bordeaux.
Backing vocals by The Ragamuffins, Michael W. Smith, Ashley Cleveland, Jim Chaffee, Linda Elias, Ashley Cleveland, Amy Grant