A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band

A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band

A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band

1993 Reunion Records
Produced by Reed Arvin.

A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band

1. Here In America (Rich Mullins)
2. 52:10 (Rich Mullins)
3. The Color Green (Rich Mullins)
4. Hold Me Jesus (Rich Mullins)
5. Creed (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
6. Peace (A Communion Blessing from St. Joseph's Square) (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
7. 78 Eatonwood Green (Instrumental - Rich Mullins and Beaker)
8. Hard (Rich Mullins)
9. I'll Carry On (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
10. You Gotta Get Up (Christmas Song) (Rich Mullins)
11. How To Grow Up Big And Strong (Mark Heard)
12. Land Of My Sojourn (Rich Mullins and Beaker)

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Recording Information

Recorded At Pinebrook Recording Studio, The Bennett House and Skylab Recording Studio
Engineered by Reed Arvin, Shane Wilson and Bob Clark.
Mixed By Tom Laune


Management and Booking – Gay Quisenberry for Crucible Productions
Photography By Michael Wilson
Art Direction by Buddy Jackson, D. Rhodes, Jackson Design
Design By Beth Lee, Jackson Design


Rich Mullins: vocals, hammered dulcimer, piano
Jimmy Abegg: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
Rick Elias: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Billy Crockett: acoustic guitar
Beaker: dulcimer
Lee Lundgren: keyboards, squeezebox, hooter, organ
Danny O'Lannerty: acoustic bass guitar, electric bass
Chris McHugh: drums
Eric Darken: percussion
Background vocals by Judson Spence, Michael Mellett, Linda Elias, Nicki Lundgren, and Jarrod Brown.