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TimeLine : 1993

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    (Photo by Ben Pearson.)


  • Rich has his first photo session with Ben Pearson, who would go on to be Rich's regular photographer in the following years.
    Ben Pearson: "I had never heard of Rich, except I knew my friend Jimmy (Abegg) was thinking about going on tour with him. That's all. He'd had a string of catastrophes with record companies and was not real happy with what happened. So they'd put clouds over his face and stuff like that. (They said) 'We've tried everything. Just go and be yourself and do what you do, whatever that is. We're not going to send makeup, we're not going to send hair, we're not going to send wardrobe. Just make sure he's got a shirt on and that it's at least kinda presentable, doesn't have any tears in it.' I picked up that he wasn't one that liked chitchat, which I don't really do well. Small talk is very difficult for me because it always falls short, and then I don't know what to do. I'm not good at keeping the channel open. "

    January 1993

  • Rejoice! Magazine publishes an article by Rich Mullins.
    Mulling Over Life with Rich Mullins

    January 18, 1993

  • "Growing Young" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 11 weeks on the chart and peak at #5.

    Early 1993

  • A Reunion Records representative talks with Sandi Brown of WCBW 104.9 in St. Louis, Mo. about Rich's future plans.
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    February 13, 1993

  • Rich and Beaker perform at Gospel Holland.

    (Photo by Ben Pearson.)

    Winter 1993

  • Release Magazine publishes an article by Rich Mullins.
    "Boats and Burning Bushes"

    Spring 1993

  • Release Magazine publishes an article by Rich Mullins.
    "The Way We Were"

    (The Ragamuffin Band in the studio. Photo by Michael Wilson.)

    March 1993

  • Rich Mullins forms the Ragamuffin Band and enters a studio in Indiana for a recording retreat. Rich intentionally had musicians playing instruments that they were not already familiar with.
    Rich: "People with enough musical identity that they make lousy studio musicians because they kind of are who they are, and that comes through what they play. That was fun. Jimmy (Abegg) had never played mandolin. It was a blast; watching him work out a part, then try to play it. When you learn to play an instrument, you learn the roads, how to get around musical problems. And when you don't play an instrument, you don't know how to get problems, so you approach it differently. The same thing with Beaker, he doesn't really know anything about playing any of these instruments. He just picks it up and hammers it out, I kinda like that better. I'm the original anti-virtuoso guy. I think music is not a good place for virtuosity."

    April 1993

  • Rich's "Sometimes By Step" is nominated for two Dove Awards (Song of the Year & Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year)

  • While in Nashville for GMA week, Rich gives an interview to Sandi Brown of WCBW 104.9 in St. Louis, Mo.
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    (The Ragamuffin Band in the studio. Photo by Michael Wilson.)

    May 3, 1993

  • "Everyman" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 12 weeks on the chart and peak at #11.

    (Photo by Ben Pearson.)

    May 8, 1993

  • Rich Mullins performs at Agape '93 in Illinois. Other performers include Billy Crockett, Degarmo and Key, Petra and others.

    (The Ragamuffin Band in the studio. Photo by Michael Wilson.)

    May 1993

  • Margaret Becker debuts her new album at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Texas, with special guest, Rich Mullins.

    June 21, 1993

  • Rich Mullins performs in Grayson, Kentucky.

    Summer 1993

  • Release Magazine publishes an article by Rich Mullins.
    "The Flight of the Philistine"

    June 26, 1993

    World Premier of A Liturgy, A Legacy, and A Ragamuffin Band at West Bank Stage, Wichita KS.

    (Photo by Ben Pearson.)

    July 1-4, 1993

  • Rich Mullins and the Ragamuffin Band performs two shows in Bushnell, Illinois at the Cornerstone Music Festival. One show on the main stage, and one show in the Gallery Tent.
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    August 2, 1993

  • "The Maker of Noses" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 9 weeks on the chart and peak at #21.

    August 10-15, 1993

  • Rich Mullins performs in Denver, CO as part of World Youth Day. This was the first World Youth Day held in the United States. Pope John Paul II spoke in front of 500,000 people at the event.

    Fall 1993

  • Rich Appears on the cover of Release Magazine. The issue also includes articles by Rich Mullins and Beaker.
    "Attics and Temples"
    "Rags To Riches" by Beaker

    October 11, 1993

  • "Hold Me Jesus" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 15 weeks on the chart and peak at #1 on November 29.

    (Photo by Ben Pearson.)

    November 16, 1993

  • Rich Mullins seventh album, A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band is released on Reunion Records.
    The album includes two early Rich Mullins songs - "Here In America" (written by Rich back in 1976) and "You Gotta Get Up" (written in 1979), and a cover of Mark Heard's "How To Grow Up Big and Strong" - which would also later appear on the Mark Heard tribute album Strong Hand of Love. The album received spot number three in the 2001 book CCM Presents: The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music .
    Album Reviews

    Rich, on the song "Hard": "That was kind of my 'voter-anger' song. It didn't come out very angry on the tape, but it's a little more tongue-in-cheek look at the same thing. Just acknowledging - see, I think there's a big problem in the church. I think that everyone thinks that if you have struggles in your life, it's because you're not really filled with the Holy Spirit, or you're not really reading your Bible daily, or you're doing something wrong. I think life, by nature, is a struggle.

    "78 Eatonwood Green" : was named after the place they stayed on their first trip to Ireland (see TimeLine 1992 for more information). An alternate song title listed in the publisher's records is "Psalm 150."

    "Peace" was subtitled "A Communion blessing from St. Joseph's Square" because Rich, Beaker and many of their close friends including Kathy Sprinkle, Cheryl Hurley, and Doris Howard - lived not only so close to each other, but also to St. Joseph's Hosital. Rich had nicknamed the community 'St Joseph's Square.'

  • The photo that appears on the cover was actually taken in 1979 or 1980 by friend and photographer Michael Wilson. While there were many photos taken at this time, the "headless" image was chosen for the cover.
    Michael Wilson: "It was taken on the roof of my parent's house in Norwood, Ohio. I was still in school studying photography at Northern Kentucky University at the time and I don't remember if I asked Rich if I could photograph him or if he asked me. It was definitely a time in my life when I was looking for any opportunity I could find to make pictures of folks. I seem to remember Rich telling me that the jacket he wore was an English fireman's coat. My memory is very poor these days, but I think I remember him telling me he liked it because he had seen a picture of John Lennon wearing such a coat."

    "The Color Green": An alternate title for the song listed in the publisher's records is "Gloria in Excelsis."

    "Creed": This track became Rich's 7th's #1 single.

    "Hold Me Jesus": This track became Rich's 8th #1 single.

    November 29, 1993

  • "Hold Me Jesus" hits #1 on the AC Charts. After its debut on October 11, it would spend 15 weeks on the AC Chart.

    (Photo by Ben Pearson.)

    November 1993

  • CCM Magazine reviews Rich's A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band.
    Album Reviews

    (Photo by Ben Pearson.)

    December 1993

  • CCM Magazine includes an article about Rich Mullins.
    "A Ragamuffin's OZ"

  • Reunion Records and Compassion International hold the "Leave a Legacy" contest to win a trip with Rich Mullins to visit the work of Compassion in a developing country like Central or South America or the Caribbean. Ten semi-finalists win a complete Rich Mullins library.
    Entrants were to write the answer to the question, "How can I leave a legacy to the poor?"
    (See February 19, 1994 for winners name)
    (Source: CCM Magazine December 1993)

    December 20, 1993

  • "You Gotta Get Up" debuts on the AC Charts. It would spend 4 weeks on the chart and peak at #37.

    (Photo by Ben Pearson.)

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