The World as Best as I Remember It, Volume One

The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol 1

The World as Best as I Remember It, Volume One

1991 Reunion Records
Produced by Reed Arvin
Executive Producers: Michael Blanton and Don Donahue

The World as Best as I Remember It, Volume One

1. Step By Step (Beaker)
2. Boy Like Me/Man Like You (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
3. Where You Are (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
4. Jacob and 2 Women (Rich Mullins)
5. The Howling (Rich Mullins and Beaker)
6. Calling Out Your Name (Rich Mullins)
7. Who God is Gonna Use (Rich Mullins)
8. The River (Rich Mullins)
9. I See You (Rich Mullins)
10. Step By Step (reprise) (Beaker)

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Recording Information

Engineered by Bill Deaton, Ronnie Brookshire, Reed Arvin, Brent King, Lynn Fuston, Penn Singleton and Rick Will
Second Engineers: Doug Wildeboer, Patrick Kelly, and Shane Wilson
Mixed by Rick Will at the Castle
Recorded at Casa de Pepe Music, Omnisound Recording Studio, and Hummingbird Recording


Art Direction by D Rhodes and Buddy Jackson
Photography by Mark Tucker
Design by Buddy Jackson for Jackson Design


Rich Mullins: vocals, piano, lap dulcimer, hammered dulcimer
Billy Crockett: guitars
Jerry McPherson: guitars
Tom Hemby: mandolin, acoustic guitar
Gary Lunn: bass guitar
Tommy Sims: bass guitar
Eric Darken: percussion
Steve Brewster: drums
Paul Leim: drums
Sam Levine: recorder
Reed Arvin: piano, keyboards, string arrangements
Steven V. Taylor: choir arrangements
Tommy Gardner: boy soprano
Steve Snoddy: bagpipes

Background vocals by Susan Ashton, Bonnie Keen, Chris Rodriguez, Donna McElroy, and Vicki Hampton. The Big Choir: Bev Bartsch, Michael P. Bodkin, Dane Brashear, Michele Buc, John Colton, Alfredo Coleman, Mark Comden, Don Donahue, Karen Franz, Alison Freemon, David Hamilton, Angela Hewitt, Joe Hicks, Michelle Hicks, Andy Ivey, Elizabeth Leighton Jones, Lori Lee Loving, Robert Magee, Marita Meinerts, Michael Nolan, Danny O'Lannerghty, Laurie Omahundro, Tony Peterson, Kristin Pierson, Matt Pierson, Bernie Sheahan, Bill Sinclair, Leslie Tarkington and Kevin Wolf The Little Choir: Lisa Bevill-Amann, Chris Harris, Lisa Glascow, Gary Janney, Tommy Jensen, Guy Penrod, Gary Robinson, Leah Taylor, Steven V. Taylor, and Tricia Walker